The Holman Memorial D4/22/1030

The Holman Memorial was repaired March/April 2017 by the Friends' Volunteers.

The memorial in 2008, having been bashed by the mower and having sunk. Notice the condition compared to that of 1999 below.

The inscription on this kerb-set read (22/1030): 'In Loving Memory of Clifford Holman died September 1943 aged 54. Ellen Beatrice died 11th August 1976 aged 87. Reunited'.

We were very kindly contacted by Damian M. Cummings in December 2017. He told us: 'In 1999 we spent a couple weekends cleaning the gave, replacing the chippings and clearing weeds, but unfortunately it fell back into disrepair over the years and then was recently broken by the mowing'.

The Holman memorial in 1999, before it cleaning and repair. Pictured are Jill Cummings (nee Holman; Cliff and Nell Holman's granddaughter, and Aimee Holman, their great granddaughter.
The memorial after being cleaned and repaired in August 1999
The memorial in March/April 2017, in the process of being reconstructed by the Friends. The memorial was dismantled, its base levelled, the kerbs cemented back into place, then the chippings replaced.
The complete memorial with new stone chippings from Cannington Quarry. The original green chippings had been lost when the memorial was bashed about some time ago.

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