The Jones Memorial A41/76

The Thom Frank Jones Memorial was repaired in the Winter of 2013 by Fine Memorials for the Boff family

Jones Memorial
The memorial as we first found it in 2008

The Jones headstone had been laid flat at somepoint and the surrounding kerbs broken.

The inscription reads: In Loving Memory of Tom Frank the beloved husband of Alice Jones who was drowned March 24th 1895 aged 32 years. O Father in thy mercy save our dear sailors on the sea. Also Alice Ethel daughter of the above aged 8 months. Rebecca Jane youngest daughter aged 9 months.

You can read more about Tom Frank Jones by following the link above.

The memorial was pinned on a new foundation in order to be re-erected. It was found that the surrounding kerb was quite damaged and several pieces were missing. As it did not contain an inscription it was decided by the family not to renew it, but rather to remove what was left. This gave the memorial a much neater appearance and would make mowing the grass in the area much easier. The headstone was cleaned and the marble below shone white again.

Jones Memorial
The Jones Memorial completed.

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