The Moyle Memorial B9/117

The Moyle Memorial was repaired in the Summer of 2016 by Fine Memorials for the Friends

Moyle Memorial
In 2008 the Moyle memorial was in pieces and was overgrown by brambles.

The inscription reads: 9/117. In Loving Memory of Harriet Jane Moyle wife of the late W. H. Moyle of Shaftsbury, Dorset, born March 26th 1843 died Sept. 1st 1911. Also of Ellen wife of the late W. H. Roberts and sister of the above born May 10th 1846 died Sept. 17th 1913. Also of Winifred Roberts daughter of the late W. H. Roberts born Nov. 8th 1873 died Jan 23rd 1946. Also of Jean Roberts daughter of the above born Sept. 29th 1919 died Sept. 16th 1961.

Moyle Memorial
As part of the wider efforts to tidy up the Anglican Chapel Corner, the Friends put a lot of work into this area. Although many of the nearby crosses were repaired in 2013 the damage to the cross meant this one had to be left for the time being. The Friends did, however, lay membrane and chippings in the kerbs at the time.
Moyle Memorial

In 2016, in a final push to finish this section the Friends had Fine Memorials repair the cross and pin and cement it back into place.