The Perrett Memorial D11/41/1009

The Perrett Memorial was repaired in 2010 by Stooks Memorials for Mrs and Mr Jones.

The inscription reads: To the memory of Maria the beloved wife of Thomas Perrett late of Stringston 'taken home' 30th November 1894 aged 68. Peace perfect peace. Also Thomas Perrett husband of the above who died March 31st 1908 aged 86 years. Thy will be done.

Perrett Memorial
The Perrett Memorial in about 1900. Note on the left in the background the Anglican chapel, the glass dome ('immortelle')to the left as well as the scores of upright marble monuments behind. 
The memorial in 2008.

The old headstone was dug from the ground along with the base. A new anchorage was dug and the base set deeply into the ground. The headstone was drilled, then metal pins inserted into the holes, which would then be used to attach the whole stone into the base. Once standing, the marble was simply cleaned and replacement lead letters were added where needed. Restored by Stooks Memorials of Taunton for Mrs Jones, relative of those interred.

2010, in the process of repair. The foundation was reset and then the headstone was securely pinned into place.
Perrett Memorial
The finished repair, 2010. The marble was cleaned white again.