The Barham Memorial B6/122

The Barham memorial was repaired in the Summer of 2014 by Fine Memorials for Mr M. Kerr-Peterson and Ms A. Wilkins.

The inscription reads: In Loving Memory of Colonel Thomas Foster Barham died at Elmwood Bridgwater Oct 5th 1927 aged 75 years. Love is stronger than death. Also of Sarah Marion Foster Barham widow of the above died Sept. 13th 1946 aged 90 years.

In the Summer of 2014 the Foster Barham memorial, number 122, the only Cornish Cross in the cemetery, was restored thanks to a private donation. This is located near to the Smith obelisk and a number of memorials recently re-erected by the Friends and completes this section quite nicely. The work was carried out at a very favourable rate by Fine Memorials of Bridgwater.

Barham Memorial
The memorial before lifting. Considering its proximity to the destroyed Anglican chapel it was in surprisingly good condition.
The stone was lifted and pins were inserted into its base, along with the base stone into which is was to be inserted.
The memorial re-erected and awaiting new chippings.
Barham Memorial
Fine Memorials returned to repair and set the broken kerb stones. Then the Friends put down a membrane and added new chippings, locally quarried in Cannington, to complete the conservation, August 2014.