Diary Sunday 26 June 2022

Astrid, Rita, Alan, Dave and Chris in the cemetery today (26 June 2022). Dave and Alan assisted Astrid and Rita clearing the weeds between the graves along the main front pathway, while Astrid and Rita cleared the plantain and grass from the graves. Between them they filled two dumpy bags. Work was suspended for several minutes due to a heavy shower of rain.

After the rain Alan and Dave left the girls to finish the task of cleaning the graves and joined Chris at the Halesleigh Road boundary that was worked on a few weeks ago, to remove more brambles and stinging nettles near the Ash trees. They filled two dumpy bags but still more to be done in this area.

During our tea break we had a visitor, Mike from Blake Museum, it was nice to see him and have a chat about the cemetery and museum.

Before - Chris sets to work clearing the weeds along the northern boundary of the cemetery adjoining the houses on Halesleigh Road. Diary 26 June 2022.
After, revealing the unique red Wembdon Sandstone block (23/1179) marking the location of 2-day-old Lily Marchant buried 1909, the daughter of Jack Marchant of 46 Market Street.

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