The Boulting Memorial H22/512

The Boulting Memorial was repaired in May 2021 by Fine Memorials for the Friends

The Boulting Memorial as found in 2008.

The Boulting memorial was earmarked for possible repair by the Friends in early 2021, as part of a wider effort to improve a junction within the Anglican portion of the cemetery. We had done the Dunsford memorials on the opposite side of the path, so doing more here would help improve the overall look of this central part of the cemetery. Biographies of the Boulting family can be read here.

The inscription reads: 22/512 In Loving Memory of Susan Boulting who died 9th April 1909. Also of George William Boulting her husband who died 20th March 1918. Also of Jane Ann Boulting who died 5th June 1915 and Fanny Boulting who died 19th Nov. 1918 sisters of George William Boulting. Also of Amy Boulting daughter of George William Boulting and Susan Boulting who died 23rd November 1924.

The memorial takes the form of a large grey granite cross with kerbs, covering a double plot. The three-tier blocks below the cross had come apart and slipped badly to one side, the large cross had broken, as was one of the kerbs. 

Fine Memorials were able to lay a foundation for the blocks as well as the kerbs. Theirs was a fantastic effort to get this all done in a single day.

The Friends' volunteers then spent time arranging chippings within the kerbs, bringing this memorial back to its former glory.

Postscript: while working withing the Boulting Memorial, Fine Memorials found a fragment of another memorial, that for a lad named William Storey c.1868-1888. You can find out more on this here.