Diary: Sunday 11 April

Full house today, Alan, Rita, Dave, Astrid and Chris all working in the cemetery today. The boys were working on the White M119 grave, this is the last grave in the row next to the hedge and fence bordering Jam Factory Lane. The grave is in very poor condition and the centre of the grave has sunk badly, it will take several work sessions to sort out this graver and get the kerb stones back in position and cemented back together. Stone chipping will need to be added. In the mean time, Astrid and Rita weeded the overgrown Squibbs M2 and Hunt M3 grave, then moved over to the overgrown wild flower section and started the task of weeding there. They managed to clear a large area, although probably two more sessions needed here. Three packs of assorted seeds have been scattered on the cleared area.

During the week eight bags of stone chippings were purchased from Cannington Quarry, these were put in the Lapes M100, Larcombe M71 and Game M118 graves.

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