Diary: Sunday 20 November 2022

Weather forecast sunny with occasional heavy showers, this did not put off Alan, Rita, Chris and Dave (20 November 2022). The first job was to take the debris from branches that had fallen a couple of weeks ago over to the dumping area ready for collection by SDC. 5 full dumpy bags were also taken over. This was heavy work to so took a rest, the team ambled over to look at the Whitby grave 8-36 to see what work is required, the slab had sunk one side and the kerbs were all loose. As the grave was near others that had been worked on it was decided to put it on the work to do list.

Moving over to the Crocker 7-65 that the Friends have agreed to have re-erected by Fine Memorials plus work by SDC on a Holly tree to enable the ornate memorial to be erected, the team dug around the large block to uncover the inscription and expose a cross in the form of a tree that had sunk in the earth.

A photo was taken of the inscription that only recorded the son Horace who died in May 1895 aged 27 years old. Records show his mother and father are also buried with him, Emily who was buried March 1899 age unknown and George who was buried March 1919 aged 83 years.

Due to a heavy shower of rain the gang had to take cover. The shower was soon over and the sun came out but too wet to continue on the Crocker grave so the gang went over to the wild flower area to plant some plants that Dave had brought in, this done they made their way home.

Crocker uncovered 20 November 2022

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