Diary: Thursday 13th and Saturday 15th October 2022

Thursday 13 October 2022: As fine weather was forecast, Chris decided to take advantage of the dry spell to go to the cemetery.

Several trees which were over hanging on the main entrance pathway were trimmed at a height to make access easier.  Several bags were filled.

Four of the graves recently worked on needed drainage holes unblocking and hence these holes were drilled and cleared. The Carey 8-35 grave needs some more work to open up these drainage holes, small chippings were also removed to be sifted and cleaned at a later date. Chippings were also removed from Ball 8-41 for cleaning.

Chris looked at the Palmer 5-1 grave where the kerbs need cleaning and adjusting before cementing back together.

The broken landing to the Strange 8-28 grave recently repaired was inspected and the repairs are in a good and solid condition ready for the kerbs to be cemented back into position.

Well done Chris.

Sunday 16 October 2022

Alan and Rita still busy with Carnival work, Astrid still confined to quarters so it was left for Chris and Dave to carry on the good work in the sunshine.

The boys cleared the weeds and grass from around the Fursland 8.13 and the Manchip 8.14. However they had not realised how close they were to a wasps nest, so for safety reasons they decided to move to an area further away and cleared weeds and grass from in and around the double plot of the Sharman 4-17 grave. The laid down cross was cleaned and laid back in position inside the grave. Two dumpy bags filled.

Sharman 4-17

A visitor came into the cemetery enquiring about his relatives the Jeffreys, at the time Alan and Rita had popped in to the cemetery to see how the boys were progressing, and they were able to assist with his enquiry. (His grandparents grave has been located 14-C-plot 93 and he will be shown where they are laid to rest when he returns on Sunday, unfortunately there is no headstone).

The team then agreed that we would set some time aside one morning to browse the Cemetery grounds and review certain areas which may need attention, following the completion of the work in sections 8-9 and 4-5.

The Friends of the Wembdon Road Cemetery are part of the National Federation of Cemetery Friends.

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